recipe page

hi guys,

here’s my dilema, a cooking recipe form page where visitors can add in own recipes and upload to database, but the problem is the recipe being entered will not display in a proper order, put it this way, in the form page there’s name field, email, title of recipe, tags field and METHOD test area, on this method text area, i want it to be displayed as a list because what i got now is everything in a continuous line, so how do i make mysql to display the METHOD into a listing type?

thanks guys, im very new at php programming.

Hi. So, do you want to replace textarea in your form to a select element? If so, will this be a list of Methods, where user can select just one element or multiple? If only one element can be selected, you will need to replace with , like this:


Method 1 Method 2 Method 3 [/code]

I believe you do not need to modify your php code in this case, only HTML form.

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