recieving variables from POST and GET issues. Please help

Hi all,

I tried to post this earlier but there was an error so if it appears twice please forgive me.

I have a page that recieves two variables from two different palges.

One via a form so:

$discussIDpost =(int)$_POST[‘discussID’];

And the other via:



$discussIDtrans = $_GET[‘comDiscussNo’];

I then have the folowing if statment:

if (empty($discussIDtrans)){
$discussID = $discussIDpost;

else {
$discussID = $discussIDtrans;

$sql = “SELECT * FROM discussion WHERE discussID =’$discussID’”;


The post part works fine but not the get.

in fact when i alert or echo $discussIDtrans it is blank, even though there is a number in the URL.

Can anyone help me out?


You need to modify this your line:

so that it looks like this:

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