really need help from u guys as soon as possible abt the boolean function TQ

Problem: result show value “1” but i want to echo the 2dimensional array instead of the return value “1” if the function return true…hope can get solution from u guys soon coz it is really urgent( my project have come to dead line by 2mrw) Thanks you

Problem keyword: print_r($People) //the 2dimensional array not the return value “1”;

<?php function boolean() { $People = array(array(10, 10 , 10), array(5, 0.75 , 25), array(5, 1.15 , 7) ); return true; } $results=boolean(); echo "
print_r ($results);

Your function boolean() not make sense - it always returns true, and the array $People defined within this function. If you need this array to be available outside the function you need to either define as global, or pass resulting array via return.

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