Re: Recommend Us Php 7 Tutorials


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

May I ask for your direction where to learn Php 7 ? Been Googling for 2.5hrs now and no luck!

I learnt a little Php from, and few months back but I can’t find them tutorial sites mentioning which Php version they’re teaching. I’ve cross referenced each site with the other and notice each site teach a little different than each other. I’m guessing each of them concentrate on different versions of Php. Now, due me not knowing which version they’re teaching has left me confused as to which tutorial site to stick to as I don’t want to be learning the older versions.

I recently heard Php 7 is out and it uses 50% of less ram, less code and is double fast in processing the code compared to v5.6. Therefore, I wish to start all over and learn Php 7 and launch my web programming career from there.


I am interested in becoming a professional Php programmer so I can build professional dynamic websites. I wish to become expert enough to build my own websites and platforms using my own code that I write and not have the need to hire any php programmer or borrow php codes from anywhere. I need to become professional enough to to build the following:

  • Forum

  • Chat

  • Instant Messenger

  • CMS (like Word Press, Dolphin, Drupal, Joomla, etc.).

  • Social Networks (like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,, Reddit, Digg).

It is my hobby to learn things and build things on my own according to my own needs (custom design & features) even if that means re-inventing the wheel a little or even if the work doesn’t result upto standard at first. You will agree that, it feels great to build things all by yourself top to bottom from scratch and give life to it even if it isn’t upto standard.

I have been researching internet marketing ever since 2004 and have gained a fair understanding of what works and what not online. I have a lot of great concepts and I wish to give life to them in the form of dynamic websites. Hence, the need to learn Php 7.

In short, whenever I come-up with a good concept (good Social Networking concept) then I wish to immediately start programming in Php 7 and make my dream websites come true.

I may get into freelancing where clients outsource me jobs/tasks/assignments to build dynamic websites with Php 7. Hence, need to become a Pro Php programmer.

I wish to learn how to walk first, then jog, then run in Php programming world and not jump into the deep end at the beginning (jumping into frameworks, etc.). I think you understand what I mean. Have to learn the core of the language. As a beginner, I don’t want to get into Php frameworks just yet as I first want to learn the basics of the Php 7 language then move-on the intermediate level. You may count me as a complete beginner, if you like.
Hearing all this, can you be kind enough to recommend some online tutorials both text and video for complete beginners ? I mean, which tutorial sources cover Php 7 from top to bottom for beginners so I can launch my Php 7 programming career ?

Would also appreciate you recommending us some intermediate level text & video tutorials so we can move-on to them immediately after the beginning levels without wasting anymore days searching for tutorials online. Not interested in learning Php 7 in anybody’s way (Zend’s way or this or that organisation or company’s way) but interested in learning it the “Main Stream’s way”, “Orthodox”, etc. (The Way). The one and only way. The default way. I think you know what I mean.

Also, which WAMP or XAMP should I install to use Php 7 ?


I know html as I learnt it back in 1998. But, I can’t remember which version it was. Probably Html 1. Currently, learning MySql, CSS and also getting updated to Html 5 to design dynamic websites.

The only other programming background I have is with a bot building tool called Ubot Studio. I have the Professional edition. (Note: I’m not listing any affiliate links here) so now about Variables, Lists, IFs, Loops, LoopWhiles, etc.

I think it won’t be hard for me to learn Php 7 because even though I’m a beginner in web programming, I’m not a complete beginner in programming. What do you think ?

Thank you in advance for your worthy reply.

Take care.


There isn’t much new coding wise in PHP7 so you won’t learn much “wrong” from reading 5.6 stuff. There are big differences in how people code though. PHP isn’t originally objective oriented, it has loose typing and no general structural- or code-guidelines. Being such a “free” language (as in free to do whatever you want) means different people/projects have diverged on quite different paths as to “how to write PHP”.


Problem is that experts defintely do borrow PHP code. After the package manager “composer” was released PHP grew a lot as a language/platform. One of the big points today is to write your code as modular as possible, so you can “plug and play” ie your users module into whatever application you’re building.

There is no “one and only way”. The PHP community - mostly led by the driving forces behind Zend, Symfony, etc is what drives PHP standards and its evolution.

None of them, I’d recommend Vagrant or Docker. Either give you a proper development environment without cluttering your OS install with lots of libs and tools you don’t need.


I suggest you try out Symfony3. I do understand your desire to learn how to build everything from the ground up, and you can do that if you’d like - as a hobby. But professionally I’d consider that a huge mistake. You will not be able to get even close to the code, documentation, guidelines and community standards that the larger frameworks have today. If anything then please just give it a spin to see how a proper application should (could) be structured.