Rate-A-Pic Script Needed

OK gang, I need some help here. I was looking for a script much like what you see happening, here and when you click on the “Click HERE to start rating pictures.” link I want it to be able to do what you see there. I have been told this is an easy setup, but I have no idea where to start. I found a script but again it is way out of my league to know what is going on. Please help me out.

So you want us to write your script for you???

That’s not what were about. I will be happy to help you.

IT looks like your sample site uses Javascript to pop up a new page (minus address bar/buttons/etc…)
From there it’s a simple “FORM”. I presume once a particular page is submitted… then the database registers the results and presents a NEW page to the popped up window for more voting… I am not sure because I did not spend too much time to “Judge the Jugs”

yes if you want to help me please. I welcome any help. It is all php of some type but if anyone wants to help me please do. I know HTML and some CSS but any help I can get the better.

I suppose my point of my post was, that we do not write the scripts for you… We provide help with your scripts or mods.

What have you done so far? If you present us with that or where you are having trouble, we will take a look and see if we can help

OK I downloaded this code. It seems to be like what it is, but it requires access to mysql. I have no idea where that is on my server. I know it is there as my webadmin said so. I will try again to upload it.

OK I am working in this dir http://www.bogointeractive.com/test2/ this is requring something there. I have no idea what the hell it is talking about. but anyways that is what I gots.

I can post a link to .zip file if that helps. http://www.bogointeractive.com/file/A-Rater.zip

MySQL is a database engine that you’ll have to install on your server (or any other server, so long as the script can connect to it). You could have found that out by using Google.

Here on PHPHelp.com, we have a rule of thumb: we put as much effort into your problem as you do. And believe me that we’re excellent judges of just how much effort you’ve put into your problem by simply reading your start post. Therefore I’d suggest you do some research yourself before you dump your question here, and when you do, you provide us with the following information:

  • what your script is supposed to do
  • what it does that it shouldn’t, if applicable
  • exact details of the issue
  • what you’ve tried to resolve it
  • why that didn’t work
  • any errors, exceptions, warnings, other debugging information you’ve acquired

This thread is nothing more than a simple script request, which aren’t allowed here. If you’re looking for a take-away script, try the Articles section. If you can’t find it there, there’s a slim chance you’ll find something useful in the Code Snippets section, but you’re probably going to have to take a look at other websites for complete scripts.

On a sidenote:
You’re saying you found a script, but have no clue on what it does or how it works. Perhaps that’s where you should start: figure out what it does and why. That way, if you run into issues, we can help you after you’ve given us more information.

No I have a script in mind. You are making this out to be something it is not. I have it uploaded at http://www.bogointeractive.com/test2/ for you to view but for some reason it wants a plugin or something. You can also check out the file by going to http://www.bogointeractive.com/file/A-Rater.zip

On that error page it says exactly what you need to do: contact your host and ask him to install the Zend Optimizer. If you run this script on a machine you’re managing yourself, then it’s up to you to install the Optimizer. The reason for this is because the files you’re trying to have PHP serve, are encrypted.

Well sence it is not my server, I can install nothing. Also, I doubt my admin will be able to either. All I have to say is great nothing can be done. Because there is no control over stuff.

Why would your admin not be able to? Or is it that your admin WON’T? (which is a big difference).

Any admin worth his weight in code could install/Configure add-ins, plugins ,etc…

Yes but it is hard to get things on a shared server or what ever this thing is that he has from Godaddy with other sites on it.

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