Radio button control with URL



No problem confirm select option with URL

I just need help for the radio button

Note: None of the default radio button is not selected
When the URL Start is clicked,
First warning => alert(“Please select one of the radio buttons”);
The user selected a radio button
Second warning => confirm(“Do you want to continue? 2017-01-17-20-36”);


Enable test mode:
Disable test mode:   2017-01-18-21-42





What is the issue?

Enable test mode:
Disable test mode:


Radio button control with URL


Repeating what you have already posted doesn’t clarify anything. What are you actually trying to do? And what does it do instead?


I’m sorry I do not know english
I can not write long sentences


Long sentences aren’t needed. What you want to happen, is needed.

User does this.
This should happen.


No form submission
If none of the radio buttons to alert the user if it is not selected
No submit


Then you need to remove all of these inline JavaScript calls,


Create a function that listens for the form being submitted and check if a radio button is checked.


Thank you for the answer
I’m beginner
I could not understand, Can you write an example?