R.I.P Richei


I has come to my attention that Richei, one of the moderators of this forum has passed away on Aug 23rd.


He always did his best to help others out and was a top contributor of the forums.





Way too young !! And will be missed. I over the years had read a few posts from him other places.



Wow. It’s sad to see a young life ended. I remember many spirited debates involving him. My prayers are with his family.


NO WAY!! :o :’( :’(

I liked Richei, he was good guy.
Plenty of threads littered throughout the forum with he and I both on the same page.

He will be missed. :’(

R.I.P. Richei, have a blast up there x


Bad news :frowning: nice man


Richei was always one to discuss things here with. I will miss him very much.

As with several others on this site, he has improved my life.
His knowledge and friendship will be sorely missed !