Quick methods to convert Mini DV tapes to H.264 MP4

A Mini DV can be used to record those cherish memories or memorable events. For the ageing problem of MiniDV tapes and DV Camcorder, sometimes it is necessary to convert Mini DV to MP4, MOV, MKV, etc on computer so those tapes and the camcorder will be recycled. My problem is converting Panasonic Mini DV to H.264 MP4 FHD 4x3 with cropping and flipping. Then I will present the converted DV-files recorded from my projector.

How can I keep the most of quality from my Mini DV tapes into the converted file? Which software should I use, keep on the Windows Video Maker or something else? You may have the same questions like me. Among multiple tools I use, Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate is best to transcode Mini DV to HD MP4 without visual quality loss. The program additionally provides some helpful edit functions which enable you to enhance the video clips, including cropping, flipping, trimming, splitting, apply special effects, add subtitles and watermark.

Want to edit your home DV video on your computer? With Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, you can also convert Mini DV to WMV, MPEG, and MOV for Adobe Premiere, as well as various video formats with high quality. Below is a simple tutorial to convert Mini DV tapes to H.264 MP4 with cropping and flipping. Adopting advanced technology, the DV to MP4 conversion is time-saving and easy-to-handle.

1 Add Mini DV file

Click “Add Files” icon to add your DV files from desktop or other folders. Or directly drag the DV files directly to the program window.

2 Choose MP4 as output format

Click “Output Format”, choose MP4 from “Format”>“Video” as the output format, if your original file is in HD quality, you can also go to “Format”>“HD” category>“HD MP4”.

You can also directly set your exact device from “Device” category as the output, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, HTC, Android phones, etc.

3 Crop and Flip Min-DV recordings

Click “edit selected task” icon in the main interface. Here, you can crop the unwanted part or black edge. Vertical flip is horizontal flip are available with one click.

4 Start Mini DV files to 4:3 MP4 conversion

Click “convert” button and the Blu-ray Video Converter for Mac will start Mini DV to 4:3 MP4 conversion fatly. This program is very efficient, and the progress bar will show you the percentage and remaining time.

This conversion program can be easily found via Google with keywords “Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate”

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