Quick Base... full help needed...



well, my client wants the website that will use Quick Base DB (QB)…

I’m using MySQL only… so: Can somebody please explaine me how to use QB with PHP?

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

PS: Where can I find full onlyne documentation for QB requests


This is the Intuit QuickBase product?

It’s not supported by an official extension, which I’m sure you know. Your best bet is probably to see if there’s an ODBC driver for it. Install the ODBC driver on your system, and then use the DB via PHP’s ODBC extension.


ODBC Will not work… I need to use DB that is on the Intuit web site…

Well I guess I’ll have to convince people to use MySQl


actually there is a way around… but then I have to send commands to QB through URLs, :-? and that is not secure…


The URL thing sounds like a big pain, but you could make it secure – make it such that only the PHP webserver can access those URLs (either in the QuickBase configuration, or by running a firewall between the machines). Then write your PHP code very securely, paying close attention to validating user data and never allowing user input into the URLs unchecked and unescaped.

But like I said, not worth it. Use mysql, or pgsql, or if you’re up for learning something new, Zope looks interesting (and comes with a built-in object database).


Fire wall… hm I can not get my ISA 2004 to work even for RADIUS url forwarding…

Well, if I have to study new DB, then I’ll wrte enother DLL for PHP, so maybe it would be included as default, someday … hm that doesn’t seam realistic…


You could probably get it included in PECL (for compiled extensions to PHP) – pecl.php.net even if it’s not the best thing to include in the core distribution.


ok… I think about that… but I still have to finish my curent project.


Thanks for help!


have you checked out PEAR::DB? It is supposed to be able to work with most DB’s. I haven’t used it myself but have heard many good things about it.