Questions about PHP forum (I'm a total noob)


I’m planning on seeing a few tutorials about php forums and how to create it.

The reason I want to create it, is for a RPG forum, so I want to know if put things like a:

Coins system, shop system, bank system, awards system, lottery systems, etc, are this things hard to implement in a php forum?

I mean, I think this works as mods, so… if I create the forum, put this thing is going to be hard or simple?


You should use IPB:

All the mods you’re talking about - You can purchase as an add on, some are free.

I use to run an IPB board - I had an award System, and an Economy System that included everything you mentioned.


I ran a forum that used IP.Board and one of the best features was an add on mod called Mentions. Someone made a similar mod for the SMF forum that PHPHelp runs off of.

You simple that the @ symbol and the user name like.