i want to make some reports. i`ve seen many examples but i would appreciate your suggestion.

thank u

reports on what???

its a student web application. Some possible reports:

1- General information about a current student
2-a report organizing the student by places (where the school is) and school.
3- a total of students in a current date/time

You might want to be a bit more specific with your question. I’m guessing this is one of the following:

[ul][li]Where do I start?[/li]
[li]What should I know before tackling this?[/li]
[li]Is there something out there that already does this?[/li]
[li]How big a task is this?[/li]
[li]Can someone build this for me?[/li][/ul]

Let us know which of these you mean to be asking, or re-phrase your question yourself - at the moment it’s hard to find an actual question that can be responded to!

as i said before its a student web-app(his personal data, school, some exams are saving).
i have to make just reports on these data. its a simple task, not complicated with graphs or charts ect. that means that a query result should be represent in a table format with headers and in pdf format.

I know what it is, but there’s still no question.

i have to make just reports on these data.

That is just you telling us what you’re doing, not a question. What is it that you need help with?

in facts its no question. im asking for suggestion (any tutorial, report class or open source report web-app, good and simple one), considering you are an expert.

thank u

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