Question about MS Access

I use MSAccess to query my MYSQL database. Any of you guys know of a message board that might help me out with a problem I have?

I’m not good enough at PHP to develop a form and code it yet, but I can do some access stuff. I’m just stuck on something.

Well, even though the site is PHP HELP… I reckon this particular forum is for databases. Doesn’t say MySQL databases and certainly not PHP Databases… So I suppose this is as good a forum as any to ask your question. If someone knows the answer… they are likely to give it to you.


I am going to ask the obvious, but oh well here goes… Have you tried to search of a site on google, yahoo, or some other type of Search engine. If you haven’t that is as good as any place to start!

Yes I did, but the sites I came up with were either so busy no one answered, or so dead no one answered!

Here is the thing:

I have a MS Access form with a menu list that accesses a MYSQL Database. I need to print out a report with info from a specific record. I was able to get the button on the main menu to list all of the info I need on the form I created, but now I need to print out only the one specific record that is displayed. Right now, it displays only one record at a time but it is retrieving the info from every record in the database, so when I try a simple print function from the “file” drop down menu, it will print out every record.

Part of this form has a user text box that also needs to be printed along with the accessed data fields.

The question is do I need to make a report that will access this form, and if so, how do I get the data in the user input text box over to the form?

I took a class in MS Access back in college only problem that was about 4 years ago and I don’t think I have ever used the program since. I am sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Sorry I can’t help you either… Worst part is that what you want to do isn’t that hard in PHP as long as you just want the raw data. Have you tryed the microsoft forums? … cess.forms

PHP is not hard for you, liq, but right now it’s hard for me!!!

I have some basic skills in Access, so far I haven’t gotten my PHP skills to that same point. Thanks for the link, though. There are quite a few good links there.

My apologies… didn’t mean to imply that the PHP and its concepts wasn’t hard for a beginner… We have all been there - dazed, confused and feeling completely lost. That is why we are here - to hopefully make your journey easier then ours was. Just that once you do get it you will look back and wonder how you didn’t get it at first. It took me years to get comfortable programming and build confidence in my code.

Oh and just to let you know - I am still learning PHP. If you search the forums you can see that I still ask questions here. Half the fun is knowing that you will NEVER know everything there is.

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