Question about Inserting into a MySQL Table

Hi there,

Occasionally, I seem to have a strange problem when I try to insert rows into a MySQL table. Sometimes a row is not appended at the end of the table; instead it is inserted at a random position. Moreover, this is pretty much guaranteed to happen whenever I delete a row through the phpMyAdmin interface.

I’ve programmed a message board, and as you can imagine, this random insertion can be very troublesome. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what can be done?

Thank you for your time.

You are simply mistaken about how databases store data. They don’t necessarily sort it by date. I would advise you store the unix timestamp as a field in the table, and sort by that.

check ou the SQL keywords ORDER BY and/ or GROUP BY.

Relational Databases are designed so that the insert and retreival of data is done “randomly”. It is part of what makes it a Relational Databases.

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