Query column counter

Hi, I’ve been using asp for a while and now learning php, and have become stuck.

I want to display the results from my query over 4 columns in a loop, I have found a lot of information on it, but don’t have enough understanding of php to get it. So can someone explain it to me in layman’s terms?

What I have so far (which I suspect is quite wrong) >>

   <?php include('db_login.php');
    //Connect to database - Begin
    $connection = mysql_connect( $db_host, $db_username, $db_password );
    if (!$connection)    {
       die ("Could not connect to the database: <br />". mysql_error());
    if (!$db_select)
       die ("Could not select the database: <br />". mysql_error());
     $query = "Select Merch_Desc Merchandise";
		$result = mysql_query( $query );
		if (!$result)
		    die ("Could not query the database : &nbsp;". mysql_error());
	While ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
		$Desc= $row["Merch_Desc"];


   <td>Column 1</td><td>Column 2</td><td>Column 3</td><td>Column 4</td>
<? if ($Counter=5)


Any help would be great(And if you happen see anything else in the code that can be improved on i would appreciate that too.)

MOD EDIT: Added code tags

I only see a minor syntax issue in your PHP code ( $Counter=0""; would throw a Warning I believe), so that’s not going to be too much of a problem (considering your ASP knowledge it shouldn’t be anything you couldn’t figure out on your own + a little bit of help from Google).

You need to take a serious look at your SQL query though. That’s where things go haywire. Also, it might be good to take a long sharp look at your while loop.

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