i never wanted to to scare Zyppora and Ragster00 off (i enjoyed the discussions with them).

and i’m just passing by.

i guess i did more damage to this community by having an answer to everything than helping it.

i gess i have to rewind that somehow:
i promise i will never ever again:

  • reply to any topic Zyppora, Ragster00 or peg110 have replyed to!
  • go online (without a topic reply notification) more than once a day.

hope that will bring those that are the backbone of this community back.


Dude … what are you talking about? You never scared me off. If anything, I’d be the one scaring users off forums (I do that sometimes).

Anywayz, to explain my absence: I’ve been really darn busy with life (and an MMORPG which I’ve become addicted to).

I too never was scared off, in fact the true source of my absence as been the acquiring of a new job. Its a lot less of a desk job and I am not at my computer during the day nearly. At nights, I have been busy trying to keep up with my personal web business, and quite honestly never spent much time on here at night anyway.

So Q1712 you should feel no blame in my absence as it has more to do with life changes rather than people.

I was on so much before because my last job I had a lot of down time and could spend several hours a day reading through and helping, my life just doesn’t allow for that anymore. I will however try to be on here more now that things are starting to get settled down.

Further more, I felt I could take some down time from being on here since Q1712 was being so helpful. I am not sure if that is the case as of late, but please help as much and as often as you want. Even correct me if I am wrong or if you have a better solution!

Again, You have in no way offended, upset, or scared me off. Just busy!

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