Put working spreadsheet in webpage

Here’s a website request and I’m looking to see if it is feasible:

Pull in data using API the imports as CSV, JSON, or XML.
That data occupies first set of columns.
Next, column to input
Next two columns, formula
Ideally, calculate without hitting submit
Calculations to not need to be saved.

Additional info: please do not start you answer with “that’s easy”. By definition, it was easy, a hack like me could have figured it out. Currently, I am pulling the data into Google Docs, protecting the imported data so I can not be changed, adding the additional columns and plopping that in an iFrame in a WordPress page. Works kind of nice but the need to be logged into Google is not ideal.

In the future, would like to have the up-to-the-minute price of the commodity automagically put into the input column or, in a set of fields outside the spreadsheet. The sheet has more that five rows but there are only five prices that need to occupy the input area.


I’m a silver hoarder myself…

You can get live examples of what you’re trying to accomplish here.


But is sounds like you got that far and you want to display the spreadsheet in a web page and have it be continuously refreshed?

The gold and silver one looks like a download to an Excel.

I’m looking for one on the website and yea, there are two regular updates that need to happen, the one through the API and the one that actually (hopefully) could come from the Chicago Merch Exchange (have not figured that one out yet),

A friend of mine has a Trade King account and he says they give you free access to all their data via some API Calls with a basic Trade King account.

You can see all the documentation here to get the data and display it…


They also have a forum where you might be able to get some sample code.


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