Put HTML functions in PHP variables?


I apologize if I don’t know how to word this properly but basically I have a forum on mybb. I want my functions_post.php file to execute some html functions in another template and I don’t know to do that.

Here is my code

[php] $userHeight = ‘’;
$userHeight = “{$post[‘fid4’]}”;

(***  I want to execute some HTML code in another template here)


So near the stars area, I want to execute that code when in a template file but since template files doesn’t accept php. I don’t know what to do. Sorry if I’m being unclear


Well, what do you mean by “template file”??? Is it an HTML file or a PHP file or what???

You can have PHP send out HTML just by echo’s… Echo “Display something”;
So, PHP being server-side, you can send out HTML to the browser and inject your variables inside
the HTML: echo “Some variable=” . $somevariable . " !!! " …

Not sure of what you are asking… Help us help you…