pspell help

hello all…

i have a form with a that my clients want to have a spell checker for.

i found this snippet, but am very novice to PHP and need some help

i figured i could put the below snipped in a file called spellcheck.php

then on my form have: <a href="spellcheck.php>Spell Check[/url]

what do i replace the variable $str with?
is that even how i would call the function?

<? $str = "ceck this sentenc. Help me!"; $dict = pspell_new("en", "british"); $words = str_word_count($str, 1); foreach($words as $v){ if(!pspell_check($dic, $v)){ $errors[] = $v; } } if(sizeof($errors) > 0){ echo "error words: ".implode(", ",$errors); } ?>

How you should call the function should be available in the documentation delivered with the spellchecker script, or at least on their website. If not, you could always ask help on their forum, or through contacting the author(s) of the script. They wrote it, so they’d know best.

Furthermore, what have you tried? Which errors did you get? Did you google those errors? Have you tried debugging (see my signature)?

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