Project Development Tracking


Hey All!

I am curious as to how real developers keep track of large projects. For example, the project I have been working on has a total of 50+ pages or files (php, css, etc). I have tried to use ‘best practices’ such as naming files and variables to make sense, commenting files for future reference and such. I also made a list of file names, where they link to, include files they depend on, etc. I’m sure there has to be a more efficient method, but Google has not been my friend in this regard! While my methods have worked for me, I can’t imagine doing it this way for a project with 100 files or more…

I have considered mind mapping software and project management software, but those just don’t seem to fit. Anyway, was just wondering what you all do to keep track of large projects.




lol just my noggin and a few notes :smiley: