Programming Languages


Knowing this is a language specific forum, but developers are rarely language specific, how many languages do you know? How many do you use often? What are you working on learning/ refining your knowledge in?


Courses I took in school

[ul][li]Apple Basic[/li]
[li]Machine Language[/li]
[li]Visual Basic[/li][/ul]

I only code in .NET now - I know just enough basic JavaScript to get by, everything else I forgot.

I end up using powershell a lot where I work.


Define “know” and “use often” :wink:

I’m comfortable in C++ and C#, though it’s a long time since I used them properly. I actually started my programming life contributing to an open source C++ project like 15+ years ago. Lately I’ve just played around with C# for an interview a year or so ago, and used it in some meddling with Unity (game engine).

We had Java classes in school and I used it a bit when that was pretty much your only choice when doing Android apps. I’d say I’m pretty comfortable with it - never really liked it though, for no spesific reason honestly.

I am quite confident in Python, it’s my go-to language to make scripts/scrapers/etc.

I am very confident in PHP/Hacklang and Javascript (not so much ES6/7 - but getting comfortable with it).


In web development today I use PHP/Javascript professionally, and NodeJS/Javascript in my private projects. Lately I’ve gotten more interested in the architect side of projects. All the way to continuous integration and deployment, dockerizing apps and microservices, etc.


Figured I would retouch this as opposed to opening a new topic.

I have been playing with game development lately. Work has me engrossed with Python2/3 and Bash (as well as PHP), so I have been exploring those areas a bit further and started a glen of interest in the game development side of coding and program design.


I have heard that .NET is the best programming language now.Is it ? Is it easy to learn?


Well, considering .NET isn’t a language, it is a framework…