Problems with posting new content

I hope someone can help. The person who does our website revamped it from old school html to PHP. It does look nice.

We have an event coming up. Some of the details change or need to be added and we cannot (he can’t either) figure out why our new stuff isn’t showing up.

This is what he says “The problem is that for whatever reason the server is not picking up any POST request fields. If anyone knows anyone who is a wizard with PHP, they can look at it. PHP is NOT the language I am used to programming with, so I am not too sure how to deal with this problem.”

Also, when we have a module that refers someone to a pdf file or another location (like a paypal registration site), it keeps changes the web address and inserting % and 22’s so that when we click on it, the link is not valid. We change it to the right link and it keeps putting the odd characters in.

I know nothing about PHP but trying to figure out what is wrong. We need our site fixed and the person who revamped it is too busy. :(

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

here is our site:

We are too ;) The person who wrote it knows a lot more about your website’s code than we do (especially without examples of the relevant code). If he can’t figure it out, then he should pose the problem in a relevant way so that we can give him some pointers or answers that he can interpret to solve the problem. If you know nothing about PHP, and your ‘person’ is too busy, then that means you’re stuck with a broken product that can’t be fixed. Unless you’re willing to learn about PHP (which means starting with the basics) and figuring out how your script is supposed to work, I’m afraid we can do little to help your case.

Thank you for the reply. I really hate to wipe out all the new stuff. I just need it to add new content. I guess I have no choice.

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