Problems in installation a PHP application

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to install a PHP-based application manually. I managed to install MySQL, Apache 2.4.41 and PHP 7.1.32. There is no problem and Apache works as well. After configuration PHP-Based application with Apache, when I write localhost:8080 in URL, I see this sentence:
It Works!
but when I write, I see this code:
setRootDir($rootDir); $app->setRequestUri($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]); $stat = $app->route(); switch ($stat) { case WebApplication::RUNNING_WORKFLOW: include “sysGeneric.php”; break; case WebApplication::RUNNING_API: $app->run(WebApplication::SERVICE_API); break; case WebApplication::RUNNING_OAUTH2: $app->run(WebApplication::SERVICE_OAUTH2); break; case WebApplication::RUNNING_INDEX: $response = new Response(file_get_contents(“index.html”), 302); $response->send(); break; case WebApplication::RUNNING_DEFAULT: $response = new Response("", 302); //TODO compose this def url with configuration data from env.ini $response->setHeader(“location”, “/sys/en/neoclassic/login/login”); $response->send(); break; } } catch (RBACException $e) { G::header('location: ’ . $e->getPath()); } catch (Exception $e) { $view = new PhtmlView($rootDir . “framework/src/templates/Exception.phtml”); $view->set(“message”, $e->getMessage()); $view->set(“exception”, $e); $response = new Response($view->getOutput(), 503); $response->send(); }

I would appreciate, if you could help me with this.
Kind Regards

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