Problem with using multiple PHP scripted buttons.

the Problem:

I am having a problem with a script that i use to get my buttons working.

My hyperlinks look like this:

Categorie 1

And the script that i use in my main div looks like this:

<?php if(!isset($_GET["content"])) { $include_module = "modules/content/"; } else { $include_module = "modules/".$_GET["module"]."/"; } if(!isset($_GET["page"])) { $include_page = "home.php"; } else { $include_page = $_GET["page"].".php"; } include($include_module.$include_page); ?>

The problem is, that when i want to add the same kind of script elsewhere on my page, its getting in conflict with the current one. As far as i can understand, that is because the script is saying: "if you dont get a content or page module, go to modules/content/home.php.

Possible solution?
Perhaps i can change:
if(!isset($_GET[“content”])) {
$include_module = “modules/content/”;
into something like:
if(curentpage( {
$include_module = “modules/content/”;

I hope someone can come with a solution. Or perhaps a different script to use for my buttons/links.

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