Problem with Postion of Picture in Table

Hi All,

as you can see on my website

The picture in the middle of the 4th line is not allinged with the other pictures. I have checked the code for this wordpress page but I could not find out what is the problem.

The code is as follows:


Selection of companies I had the pleasure to work for…

Tetra Pak Lenovo Fluor
Basic CMYK Gas_Natural T-Systems
SEAT S.A. Volkswagen Indra S.A.
Nu Skin Mvideo ecenta

What could be the problem?

Everything looks lined up to me, I checked it in chrome and IE.

I checked in Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari and can confirm the middle image on the 4th row is aligned correctly however, the 1st icon on the third row (Seat) is not aligned horizontally with the rest.
I had a play around with the DOM editor and was able to fix it by making it 20px higher (see screenshot)

Hope that helps,
Red :wink:

PS: I probably should add: The fix i did isn’t permanent. You’ll need to either edit the css file or edit the image (and make it bigger).

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