Problem with Page Links

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner in php, and I’m creating a web site, but I’m facing some problems,

The problem is with links for example in the left side I have some script <? include("news.php")?> anyway there are the news, and if I click in of the news-s it will appear there and also in the url bar appear http://domain/?id=1 for example, and the links of the web sites for example I have like this http://domain/?pg=main

now If I’m in the http://domain/?pg=links and I click in one of my news, it will change the url to the news url.

How can I make like when I clicked it, not to change it but to add it, like http://domain/?pg=links&id=1 for example ??

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you want to use frames.

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