Problem with opening my page

Hii all, is page of mine, and always i can open it in the morning, but after 4-5-6 PM i can’t open my page. i get error Oops! Google Chrome could not find , but if i try to open my page using its succes.

Any suggestions, what you think why my page is stop working sometimes, maybe i have few virus in cpanel or… if you think hosting problem i don’t think same because it have more websites and they havent problem. Also one other page hosted on that hosting and domain registrered on same page havent problem

Thanks :slight_smile:
i hope you will help me
Martin Bojmaliev

hi i just tryed to open in all my browsers and it seemed fine sorry cant help

yes when i upload my backup joomla, it have problem when i upload just joomla it havent problem. it means because i have any script in my backup joomla who destroy the server :DD it down the page :slight_smile:

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