Problem Running a PHP script once a day

I have produced a php script to send emails to certain users. What I want to do is to run this script at a certain time once a day.

I have already set up another script running from the crontab which runs every 10 mins.

What commands/ script can i use to allow this script to run once a day?


under the crontab can’t you run the program every 24 hours. Same basic thing as your script that is running every 10 min I would assume. I have a gui cron (hosted) so I can’t help you with the commands. Maybe this will help though … 3-766.html

Sorry I can’t help more.

Cron can certainly run the program every 24 hours. Like this:

#minute hour mday month wday command

1 0 * * * /run/php/script

Which translates to “every day at 00:01, or 12:01 am, run the php script”. Change the time value to something you like better.

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