Problem in Uploading and Downloading the PHP Files from FTP


I am trying to download and upload PHP files from FTP.

The folder size is around 65 mb. But there are more than 2000 to 3000 files (includes tinymce files+jscripts). Am using FireFTP to do this.

  1. How to find that I’ve downloaded all the files correctly (Should not miss any file)

  2. How to upload all these files without missing any of the file because it causes error or it redirects some other URL.

Please guide me through how to solve this problem.


If there are 2000-3000 files it is best to zip them before downloading. If you can not access via ssh, you still can try execute shell commands using exec() function, or use some of php classes that allow you to create zip. For example:

How to zip them in the FTP server - They are in a domain. Can you guide through. What is the process?

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