Problem echoing out pseudo calendar

I am trying to write out a calendar style html table with data in each cell, and with a column on the left that shows the times.

Basically it should look like this:

Time Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat 8:00 data data2 9:30 data3 data4 10:00 data5 data6 11:00 data7 data8

The times are not always sequential.

There is no need to toggle from one month to the next and such, it’s just a listing of the current month to display the classes held on which days and at which times.
Very easy to do statically in html, but a bit more challenging dynamically.

Using MySQL, the table that holds the data looks like this:

schedule_id class_time class_title day_order 1 08:00 data 1 2 08:00 data2 3 3 09:30 data3 2 4 09:30 data4 4 5 10:00 data5 3 6 10:00 data6 5 7 11:00 data7 1 8 11:00 data8 3

The day_order field corresponds to the weekday - Mon is 1, Tues is 2, etc.

My query looks like this:

SELECT schedule_id, class_time, class_title, day_order FROM `class_schedule` order by class_time, day_order

Here is the php code to write it out:


$first_time = “”;
$sid = mysql_result($sql,$i,“schedule_id”);
$ctime = mysql_result($sql,$i,“class_time”);
$cdate = mysql_result($sql,$i,“CURDATE()”);
$strtime = date(“h:i:s”,$cdate.$ctime);
$ctitle = stripslashes(mysql_result($sql,$i,“class_title”));
$clink = mysql_result($sql,$i,“class_link”);
$order = mysql_result($sql,$i,“day_order”);
	  if ($ctime != $first_time){
		//  if (isset($first_time)){
			//  echo "";
		 // }

	  if ($first_time == ""){
	  echo "<tr>\n";
	  echo "<td class=\"timecell\">". $ctime ."</td>\n";

      $first_time = mysql_result($sql,$i,"class_time");	  
	  $j = 1;
	  while ($j<8 && $first_time != ""){
	   if ($order == $j){
		   $thetitle = $ctitle;
	   } else {
		   $thetitle = "&nbsp;";
	  echo "<td class=\"calcell\">". $thetitle ."</td>\n";

	if (!isset($first_time)){
  echo "</tr>\n";

The trouble I am having is that it is creating a new table row for each class, even if they occur at the same time slot. It should be putting them on the same row, to the right of the time slot across the days of the week.

If anyone could assist, that would be wonderful.

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
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