Probably a stupid question

I’m having a problem with a php form I’m working on, and I’m a beginner so bare with me. I’m sure it could be any number of things but I figured I’d ask a basic question first, then maybe I’ll post the code if I can’t figure this out.

I have a simple contact form with a php script that emails me the information a user puts in on the website. In this contact form I have a checkbox for whether or not a person wants to receive our newsletter. When a person fills his/her information in and clicks the checkbox, then clicks submit they are then taken to a thank you page and an email gets sent to my inbox.

When a person fills his/her information in and does NOT click the checkbox, then clicks submit. They are NOT taken to a thank you page, however I still get the email in my inbox.

Is there something simple to this checkbox thing, and why when clicked the user goes to the thank you page, and when it is not clicked they do not go to the thank you page?

It’s driving me crazy!

If you need the code I can upload, I was just hoping someone had a simple idea

This is purely your script’s logic. You need to find where in your php code this checkbox is verified, and somewhere there you will find why script behaves differently depending on checked/unchecked checkbox. Feel free to post your code here if you need help.

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