Print the selected checkbox

gud day to all…

i have many results in my query. in every row, i put a checkbox. all i want is to print the checked checkbox. how to code that in php?

tnx for the idea…

I don’t understand what you are trying to do? Can you be more clear exactly what you are trying to accomplish? Thank you.

what im trying to say is to print the cheked checkbox

<? $tbl.=' '.$name.' '.$add.' '; echo ""; echo $tbl; echo "
"; ?>

now the result is like this:

name1 address1 [ ]
name2 address2 [/]
name3 address3 [/]
name4 address4 [ ]

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have u notice that the name2 and name3 is checked?
so, if i click the print preview button, only name2 and name3 will appear…

by the way… im done with that… i didn’t use checkbox. i use to update the fields of table where is i want to print…

my next problem is… how to copy the data in db1 to db2 and there both the same tablename and fields but different database… tnx

I have never had to use 2 different databases before, different tables, but not databases. I guess you will need to open a connection to each database and run 2 different queries.

ok thanks rags…

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