"previous and next page" code for only links

Need help urgently…

I’m using xamp server and will test this code on local host.

need previous and “next page” button with full source code…

I’ve thirty web page links as below… And my website “home page” is my link one and now I want a 'NEXT PAGE" button appear at the bottom and when I click on “next page” button , then link two" will open and similarly when I click again on “next page” button , then page three link will open…
Note: this next page also show in footer
Note: i need this code according to my below links as a example .

http…this is my link 1

http…this is my link 2

http…this is my link 3

and so on…

http://this is my link 30

Programming help forums are for getting help with code you have written.

Do you have a specific question, problem, or error with some code you have written?

Here’s a couple of links of my GitHub Repository on Pagination.


and this might also help

Some of the the files are written in Object-oriented Programming, but I think can easily be converted over to Procedural Programming without much trouble. Though this should at least give you a real good ideal on how to do pagination. Once you get the basic concept of pagination it is relatively easy to implement.

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