preg_match from form

ok what im trying to do is this

take certain info from this text all underlined below
Nojoks’s Tourney Bracket Tool Version
Tournament: DeepBlueSea
Date: 05/01/2013
Day: Wednesday
Scheduled Start: 11:30
Actual Start: 2:30:52 PM
Closed: 2:40:10 PM
Host: SirCubesAlot (UBG_DJ_Cuber)
Number of Players: 12

1st place: chacal49
1st place email: email addy
2nd place: EU_IT_mirejo
2nd place email: email addy
3rd place: sylvana66
3rd place email: email addy
3rd place: ubg_shorty
3rd place email: email addy

BRs_Botcha 1
davoudi 1
KiwiRose 1
Litigolfer3 1
pirat3 1
StbrnRoz 1
RG_Babygirl 4
willem 4
ziko_14 4
sylvana66 17
EU_IT_mirejo 29
chacal49 42
UBG_DJ_Cuber 10

and put it into tables so in my search I was told I should try preg macth which I got the code started using it here it is


Email Address:

<?php $date=preg_match('/Date:\s+(\d{2}\/\d{2}\/\d{4})/'); $time=preg_match('/Scheduled Start:\s+(*)'); $1stplace=preg_match('/1st place:\s+(*)'); $1stplaceemail=preg_match('/1st place email:\s+(*)'); $2ndplace=preg_match('/2nd place:\s+(*)'); $2ndplaceemail=preg_match('/2nd place email:\s+(*)'); $3rdplace=preg_match('/3rd place:\s+(*)'); $3rdplaceemail=preg_match('/3rd place email:\s+(*)'); print ($date); print ($time) print ($1stplace); print ($1stplaceemail); print ($2ndplace); print($2ndplaceemail); print ($3rdplace); print ($3rdplaceemail) ?>
but now I have a couple questions  1 
when I try this code im getting 2 errors on page before the form even shows up and here they are
( ! ) SCREAM: Error suppression ignored for
( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in C:\wamp\www\insertform.php on line 15

and the second is if I have 2 3rd place finishers which would show up in the form like above how do I distinguish them so I can insert 2 records into my database

Variable names cannot start with a number, so instead of $1stplace perhaps use $place1


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