Post To Url???

Hello … i am new at php, and iv been trying to find a way to post an xml code to url trow php file. i was looking trow the net but couldnt find the way to do it. if any1 could please help me with that ill be thankful <<:
thanks a head

what do u mean with “post an xml code to url”?
that doesn’t make any sence.
i would realy like to help but pleas explain what u wanna do / give an example.

i have an xml code witch contain details … now i need to send this xml code fill with info to a url where it need to be procced and give me an answer…
the xml code is for a software sending sms.
it contain detials of user(me) and the sms details.

so basicly i need a function that send this xml code to the url and give me answer back.

in html i think i can just use post … but i didnt check it cuse i need to use it in a php code.
and at php i couldnt find any function do that.

i hope thats explanes what i need good… im learning to progrem only for a few mounth so im kind of new at this

thank u very much all people who takes there time to help.


i still dont understand.
its not posible to “post” to a “url”
a url is a location to request data FROM. there is no posting to a url, and of cause the is no function to do that, as this is not posible.

explain it in real words.

u have a xml file? u want that to ???

where is the xml file from?

what u want as reply to what url?

u are speeking in metaphas that i can’t parse.

there r a lot of xml processing functions in ohp.

understand the http-protocol:
there is a client (browser) sending a request (to a URL) to get back data (mostly html/xhtml) than if that URL points to a php script the client dosn’t get the file-content at that URL but it’s data (executing the php returning it’s output).

hope that helps to rephrase ur question to a non-tecnical or realy-technical-acurate statement.

to be 100% accurate there is a request header sending data. that may be xml. but than u are at a point where the client is php. that would make all u said being more real, but than u totally missed to describe the environment

ok so im relly sorry for not ask like i should.
soooo as i say before im new at coding php and html only few mounth learning.
i bulid a php regsration form. it works very well.
now i would like my php form to send a sms to a mobile everytime it sumbitd.
so i buoght some credit at this company that send sms trow net.
they gave me the flowing xml stram:

<USER_NAME> user name </USER_NAME>
<USER_PASS> user password </USER_PASS>
</ LOGIN >

message text
<SEND_TO> numbers </ SEND_TO >
how long to delay (minutes)
< EXPIRED _TIME> wexpired (minutes)
the message was sent from ??¦.


and at the info file on how to use it it say:
The Cellkit SMS server listens on a URL ( to a XML stream to be posted to it.

i dont understand xml but it tells me exacly how to edit it.
now my only problem is how to post it to url like they ask .

i hope i explane myself good

and again thank u guys very much for taking the time read my problems and try to slove it.

no one have answer for me?

sry havnt seen ur priviose reply.

now i understand what u wanna do. u need a basic http-post.

look at:

there is an example (Example 2364. Making a POST request to an https server)

just store the xml in a string and urlencode it inside data:
$xml="<SEND_SMS> … </SEND_SMS>";

gr8 … thats sloves my problem
thank u very much (((:

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