Post system help


well i am new at php and as i know that php is used to make forms and can edit the site and add new content anyways i have a shop and i wanna creat admin panel where i can add products to specfic place.

Note: I am ready to pay about 20-100$ depending on which one you make is good.

Btw i can give you the source code:

ok IN THE WHITE AREA WHERE I PLACE THE MOUSE i need poducts to go there.
each 3 beside each others.


And your aversion to actually using a ecommerce site is what?


What have you tested with so far? Do you already have a site up and working otherwise?

If you are looking at an entirely new site, maybe you should look at Wordpress templates. They are free and easy to set up. They include an ADMIN panel for you to enter new products and handle all the other items such as billing, tracking, etc. Not really for a beginner, but, can get you started nicely.

If you are starting from scratch, we can send you to some tutorials, even some on this site that will help.

You have a tag line of 2018 by Professor, so I am guessing you downloaded some “My-Professor” template or something. Those may not help you, but, may have the base site info in place.

Well, therefore, more info please!