Post Data On Two Different pages


I would like to have data from html posted on the webpage to be on different pages. For example, if a user creates a post, I would like the post to appear on their profile page and then appear on the home page.


How do you store the data? Normally you’d store the user supplied data in a database which means you can show it wherever you want / on however many pages


So if I store in the database, I can determine the location where it goes?


I suspect you have to think of it a bit differently.

Ie a user submits a new forum thread.

You save the user id, forum id, thread title and thread text in the database. You don’t store spesific layouts.

Then later on you can fetch (from the db) and display the thread title and user name in the forum thread listing page.

And on the single thread page you can fetch (from the db) and display that thread with all the data.