Positioning of scripts

i have a index,php file that:

  1. Includes header which that included the css
  2. Has a switch to determins what page to include
  3. Includes the footer.

i created a svg map clickable map page .
It is working when this is it own seperate page with its own html,head and body tags.

i am now trying to place it within a page of my site.
i thought it would be just as simple as copying the div and script tags
to where i want to display it minus the html, head and body tags as in my setup i already have
i also check the file src links are correct,

But im just getting blank nothing

the id is within the ukmap2 script.

i did not want to place the script tags in my header as they will only be called by the one page and if i was to put in my header it will be called time and time again. am i okay to put the scripts in the body?

any idea what my problems are?

Put library links in your header page, such as jquery links.

Put javascript and jquery code in your footer.

Just guessing that your code is not running due to it not existing in the final rendered page. To check that out, right-click on the page and view-source. Any javascript and jquery code should show up in the page. Really hard to help further without seeing some of your codeā€¦ Good luck.

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