poedit translation

Hello guys
This thing is driving me crazy!
I am trying to use the poedit to translate a php hello world website. Although it seems to me that I am doing everything alright, I still don’t see the translation in my browser when I browse

The only thing I see is the original message, that is to say, “Hello World”. I have done the translation with poedit though. Moreover, I saved it in two files called messages.po and messages.mo

This is my test.php code:

<?php $locale = "de_DE"; putenv("LC_ALL=$locale"); setlocale(LC_ALL, $locale); bindtextdomain("messages", "./locale"); textdomain("messages"); print "

".gettext("Hello World")."

n"; ?>

My poedit screen looks like the screenshoot attached.

My directories are like this:

C:xampphtdocspruebalocal1cacalocalede_DELC_MESSAGES C:xampphtdocspruebalocal1cacalocalede_DELC_MESSAGESmessages.po

I hope I have explained myself clearly enough.
Please, I would appreciate any help about this issue.
Thanks in advance

[attachment deleted by admin]

Does Poedit require a library? If so, is it loaded?

the solution is this:
replacing the corresponding line I put in the previous post with this:
bindtextdomain(“messages”, “locale/”);

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