poedit long paragraphs translation

Hello people
I am writing you to ask you whether you know how to tackle this problem. It turns out that I was quite glad by using poedit to translate websites. Nevertheles, I have just realized that it is a pain in the ass when you have really long paragraphs in your website.
Moreover, I have just been able to translate without using variables. Otherwise poedit does not recognize the strings.
For example:
If you put
echo _(“whatever fjdsljfaslo
djofaesnfoaenoe…fdasfas… fdsfas”);
Then you might do a translation for this string using poedit. However, this translation does not work when I browse my php file. I have come to the conclusion that in order to get this translation working, you must put the string of each echo sentence
in just one line. Otherwise, the translation is not done and I just see the original text. Does any one how to solve this issue?

I am asking just because it is a mess having to write an echo sentence for each
sentence of your website instead of for each paragraph.
What I mean is that what I have is something like:
echo _("Let’s say what I am going to say here to let you understand what ");
echo _(“my problem is”);

Therefore, it would be much easier if I had to put just:
echo _(“Let’s say what I am going to say here to let you understand what my problem is”);//***

Do you understand what I mean?
The last example (***) was a paragraph with just 2 lines but you might find a paragraph which is 5 lines and it is not a good system having to be dividing the paragraph in tons of lines.

I would appreciate if anybody could tell me a solution to this problem since you might know how to solve it either through poedit or through any other tool similar to poedit or whatever.

Poedit might trip over line breaks or somethin … not sure. I haven’t worked with Poedit before, and I don’t think anyone else here has. Have you tried contacting the developers/helpdesk/forum of Poedit?

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