Plz Help Me asap..


Hello my name is Shantam and i need some help
[php]function Smiley($texttoreplace)

$texttoreplace=str_replace(array_keys($smilies), array_values($smilies), $texttoreplace);
return $texttoreplace;

I use this code to rename “php” in filename to prevent shells but i think it would take a lot of time if i do it for html,asp,wml :frowning:

isnt there any way to rename the words without writing each and every uppercase and lowercase letters
i just mean that i need a short code :’(


Most people use preg_replace for this. Here is a link that might help. Note the posts after the description.
Normally, strings are scrapped of HTML, Javascript, PHP and special codes.

Depending what you want from the string, you could just replace everything except letters, space and numbers. This can be done with remove special chars function…