Pluck is Getting Ready to Test 4.7.2


Minor release, with some minor updates:
-hooks for multi-user
-tinymce update
-option to upload files

Check it out here:


Here’s the installation Documentation - If you never used it before.

Install Docs:


I think we are ready to release dev version.

What else we need for 4.7.2? email obfuscator?


I put up release 4.7.2 up.


Its final? I fought we are still talking about dev release.


I’ve flagged it as “pre-release” in the description.

The project page it’s called (dev)


My plan for 4.7.2 is to clean this page:

Checking version should be simple. Version Upgrade Instructions / Method dont need PHP work. The same logo. Im not sure what to do with Contact form…

After that we can release 4.7.2 finished.

If there will be some security issues we can release 4.7.x, but I think we should start work on 4.8.


Now we will start working on Pluck 4.8