Plesk,Linux, Conf file, Open Classifieds Torment!

I’m writing to this forum as I’m absolutely desperate to solve a problem and despite looking everywhere for an answer I’ve come up with nothing, I’m new to php (about a week!) and have been trying to crash course myself in it so I wonder if somebody could take a moment out to help me please? I have a domain on a server with (linux, with a plesk control panel) and I’ve been trying to upload Open Classifieds to it (, I can get it installed but unusable as far as logging into admin goes. I e-mailed my host about this and eventually they came back with the following:

****As a rule of thumb we dont allow many changes to server config as this is set for all users to be able to use and resources can be evenly split.
But what I have done is allowed you access to your conf folder in your account where you can place a config file for the server to read. If you create a conf file you can add extra settings to your domain.
We have only enabled this for the domain in question. Also remember to set the files permissions to read only once complete. Plenty of information on creating a custom conf file can be found online. *****

I’ve now logged into my plesk panel and yes I can access the conf folder but I’ve no idea where to start with creating a conf file to help me change settings to install both the Open Classifieds software and perhaps others in the future. Does this new file have to be specific for that particular php script or will it ‘globally’ change everything? Is it a php.ini file i need to create? If not what file extension would it need and what do I put in it?
As I say I really dont know where to start so if somebody could even point me in the right direction I’d be eternally grateful.
I’m after creating a local jobs type site and I’d like to get it up and running as soon as possible but I’m pulling my hair out (whats left of it!)

Best regards and many sincere thanks.

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