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Hello Everyone,

My brother is the username doleary22 and he was banned from this website earlier for reasons I don’t know. I am just writing to ask you, like I know he did to remove two of his threads. See, these threads contain code and the name of a school project, and recently he just found out that the code appears when you type the name of the project into google. There is sensitive information in these threads and he is extremely worried about this. I am asking you as a fellow human being to understand where he is coming from. He has become very stressed over this, and I hate seeing him like this. PLEASE understand where he is coming from. PLEASE.
The links to the posts are

Thanks so much


Are we clear with this? The posts did contain login info which has been “xxx”'d and all is okay.

Your problem is with Google and you need to contact them, not us.

Actually, the post does contain problem information. It contains code to a project that my teacher wants to have removed. Can you please just remove the thread. Please. Common have a heart. Understand where me and my brother are coming from. He wants it removed, so I am beggin you guys to remove the thread. PLEASE

Well, did your read the rules to this forum? I passed your request on to the owner. It’s up to him.

But, code posted on sites are valid and you should understand that nobody here cares about your test code for a class. What could possibly be a problem with code that has problems? But, the owner will decide.

Also, just for your information, I had my people look at it for legal issues and there is NO code or statements on those posts that are considered illegal or immoral or bad in their eyes. So, basically if you can not tell us why it needs to be removed, I doubt that this issue will be resolved for you.

Please be careful in your future online posts.

It needs to be removed because the teacher wants it removed because it gives away part of the project. Thanks for the help. I really hope the owner understands where i am coming from

If the owner doesn’t remove the thread is there anyway you could just delete the co,de so he doesnt get in trouble with his teacher

I will let the owner know. You finally stated why this should be removed. I am sure he will help you.
Thank you for finally letting us have a reason. Good luck with your class.

Your brother (or you) posted some piece of php code and asked for a help. Our forum members spent their time to help you find the solution to your problem. Then you asked to remove sensitive information such as url/login/password - again, forum moderators spent their time to remove this sensitive information what you had posted.

There is nothing else we can delete or replace in the mentioned threads, and I do not see any reason to delete these threads entirely.

Ok. Your thread deleted.

Now I guess you will want to contact google to remove this page from their cache
Then beg WebArchive to delete all mentions of your code… because they tend to crawl everything and store for years.

Admin You are more kind than I!!! if someone posts something for help and we take the time to help them whether it be a school assignment or not, it should NEVER be deleted from the site (except accidental passwords and truly vital info)!! The cost of receiving the help from this forum is to show the same code to other viewers which might help them out some day!!!
Here is the obvious situation, doleary22 is in college, he got a school assignment, he came here for us to figure out his assignment for him, he found out that oooopps the colleges check the internet for plagiarism. So he was gonna get in trouble for receiving help with the code.
Now he comes and asks us for our help, then wants us to cover his butt, so he gets us to do his school work and needs it quickly deleted before the teacher does a plagiarism check.

I say too bad!!! Why in the heck would you post on an open forum and cause all this ruckus!! Admin you should have left it!! The additions to his code was our work! and deserved to be shown on this site forever!!!

Nothing disrespectful to you admin I am just ashamed for doleary22

Yes, I agree with you. But this guy already created 3 accounts and started several threads just to ask to remove his posts. He also contacted me and other members in all possible ways asking to remove his nomo motors code and threads. I decided it is not worth to keep his thread on site, and let him go.

Something tell me that he will return soon again
asking to delete more threads from this forum, but I won’t more :wink:

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