Please help!

Hallo to everyone,
Can anyone give me some links to get to know php a bit more?
I have a school assignment (building a forum using php and my sql) and I’m a bit of a hopeless case in programing languages! :x I’m sure I won’t pass!
Thanks Etienne


First I would start with google to get a handle on PHP basics. PHP Tutorials as a search term should produce mass amounts of information. Next once you get started on a project I would use as a great resource. It is the manual to php. Has all the functions and how to use them. Then if you get stuck on something come back here post the portion of code giving you trouble any errors you are getting and we can help to understand what is wrong and why!

Hope that helps!!

How much time do you have for this school project? And what does this project include? Does it include a fullscale admin section, or is it just some sort of advanced message board that you need to create? Because if you’re looking to create something like phpBB, and you know little to nothing about PHP/MySQL, I’m afraid you started off on the wrong end of things :confused:

I have about two months or so, no the project is not that complicated! … I have to connect the page to a my sQL database and once logged in people can post and read messages, thats all!

In that case I’d suggest to look up and read some tutorials, especially those dealing with cookies, session and MySQL database connections. SQL is going to be mandatory too. I presume you know HTML, since you’ll be needing a bit of that too.

I know some HTML…the problem is that I tried to look for some tutorials using google but couldn’t find anything useful! I was wondering maybe you know some good sites! and thank you btw!

I searched google on the following keywords: php tutorial messageboard

First hit: Hotscripts

First result on Hotscripts links to: how to build a simple forum in PHP/Mysql

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