Please help with college project?

Hi people!

Can you please help me in research for college project?
If you can please answer pool question?


PS: Yes I know this has nothing to do with PHP, but I used to this forum, and I really like it!
PS2: To moderators, please let this poll stay ?alive? for 5 days? Thanks!

More votes please? :lol:

Well, this message board’s traffic is not huge, don’t expect miracles. You might want to try Slashdot instead. Since it’s technology/education related, you could probably post something there and moderators might let it go.

hm… good idea… I’ll try that…

I dont know how to post Polls on Slashbot…

Can’t post a poll, you could post an article, the comments should be enough.

hmm… OK Thasnks

I get 1gbps at home for approx 50 EURO per month, and for 2.5 mbps 250kb download 10 dollars per minute HA

1gbps? Where do you live? That makes like 100mb/sec… Not quite realistic for a home connection, even most LANs don’t do that. My home connection is currently a 1.5mbps ADSL.

I think he meant 10$/month. I think it’s a good deal.

yea $10 per month
and I also ment WierLess

Yeah my lan card is 10/100mbit but the connection is 1gbps, Hamburg…
for 10$ a month maybe but I dont have a laptop…

would it also be flatrate

A 10/100MB NIC with a 1GB connection = 10/100MB.
If you seriously have a 1GBps connection for 50 euro a month, then I’m gonna quit my job and open a hosting center where you live. I have a sneaky suspision you are lying or don’t understand how your internet connection works. That or you work for UUNET, AT&T and some other huge internet backbone provider and they let you play on their network(again, I doubt this).


1 GBps here I come!

Great, you have a Gbit local network. That’s not a 1gbit connection, far from it, simply overly expensive hardware.

no… 1.0 Gbps is the internet. the other one is the lan.

Acecool -
I hope you are joking and seriously don’t think your internet connection 1gbps. The cost of a connection that fast would probobly cost a couple hundred thousand a month. Based on a T3 costing $13,000 a month. I didn’t get to see the picture you had a link to but I don’t think I need to. Why aren’t you selling some web hosting, with almost free bandwidth you could make a killing.



I know its not 1.0 Gbps :slight_smile: plus the fasted I would be able to dl with a 10mbit network card would only be 1,280kbs

Your ISP has drivers? Don’t you mean the cable/DSL/Wireless modem you are hooked to. Thats whats showing the 10Mbit link, not the drivers. The link rate comes from the network itself, you can force the network card to a certain speed 10/100/1000 but almost always the card will use flowcontrol to determine speed and full/half duplex.


Oh god…

The lan card shows 10mbit
connection to local area network.

next up when I connect to the internet the bubble shows connected at 1.0 Gbps, if I open that, thats what it shows, I had to install the DSL drivers so I could connect, 1st isp it sad 64kbps but was infact 2mbit
second said 10mbit (what we ordered) and it only could download at 100kb instead of 1,280kbs
this says 1.0 gbps but is infact 2 or 10mbit connection but yeah

Ok thank you people!

I got to semi-final, but I lost final competition?
(I need to improve my speaking skills???.)

Well thanks again?

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