PLEASE HELP ! - problems with a config file


Can someone please help.

We are setting up a piece of software called video share got this error

we are getting this message after changing the config file in includes. It was

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/intv/public_html/include/config.php:173) in /home/intv/public_html/siteadmin/login.php on line 22

our $config[‘guest_limite’] = 20000;

  • on our site this was set to 2000 by default and I changed it to 40000 to ensure we did not get kicked out as it controlled the amount of bandwith used and we wanted it set to more. We hit reset bandwith in the siteadmin but we need into the siteadmin area to update information and it won’t let us. We only changed the number in the line above and nothing else.

the question in knowledge base had said to do this!

Why do my users get: Sorry video limit has exceeded fo today!
Open the file /include/config.php and edit the following line:
$config[‘guest_limite’] = 20000;

You may set the value 20000 to a larger value where 20000 = 20000secs per IP address every 24hours

Please help this is urgent!


So what’s the question?