Please help my website is down!!

Hi i have a website ,, until recently (new year!) the site has been fine, but all of a sudden its coming up with an error message when i type in the url, I have copied the page its reffering to the error can anyone help please!! the error message coming up is:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare date_format() in /home/bestdcom/public_html/libraries/functions.lib.php on line 158

here is functions.lib.php below; please can anyone advise on how to fix? would be appreciated!

MOD EDIT: Code removed

It would appear that your server upgraded their version of PHP on you. Do a find and replace on your function name and change it to something other than “date_format()” because as of PHP 5.1.0 there is a built in “date_format()” function.

Hope that helps.

What Monk says is probably the issue at hand.
As a reminder, asking us to fix your script is not allowed. In this case, it’s a bit shady, but I’ve removed the code as it was highly irrelevant (if any code is needed to clarify your issue, just post the 10 or so lines of code around where the error message indicates is your problem, instead of the entire file).

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