Please help me

here is the assignment, i dont want someone to DO it for me I want someone to help me understand it: HAS to be done in PHP

You have a file that represents an order form .

Inside the file are three fields:
Name Item cost
John table 45.00
Mary chair 26.00

Show the total sum of all purchases.

You can add a user, specify the item they wish to purchase and cost.

You can search the file:

If you provide a name, output will be all lines containing the persons name.

If you provide an item name, output will be all lines that have the item.

Write this in PHP. If you have time, provide a way to delete an order.


check out In the tutorials/basics section there is a tutorial called “Creating Dynamic Websites with PHP and MySQL” if you will be using a relational database and “Working with Text Files” if you will be using text files. Both will give you how to access the information, search it, add to it, delete it and more.

I beleive you should be able to learn how to do everything you are asking for both file types. Good luck and hopefully good grades.

thank you for that i am looking, in the mean time… if anyone does want to do it for me, or part of it i would love you. im stressing out and could use a template or something that i can alter a little

Sorry but we are here to help YOU write the code… If we do it you learn nothing. As for stress and time constrains - that is part of coding. If you are looking for a templating system check out SMARTY.

If you want someone to write your code pay them like the professionals they are… and this is the wrong forum for that. Remember we have lives also.

excuse me, your abrupt rudeness to a small plea for help was entirely uncalled for. some programers may think this is FUN and hence like a sunday afternoon “challenge”…as for you having a life. i doubt that considering you spend all day on this forum looking for people to “put in their place” thanks for the support BUDDY

My apologies for the implied rudeness. That wasn’t how I meant it. Understand that we get asked to write “just a little bit” all the time. I am under the assumtion that this is a project that you were tasked with either in school or from your boss. Most of us take the time from our lives to help because others have helped us… not by doing it for us but by showing us how to do it ourselves. Programming is my job rarely do I do it outside of work… it is not for everyone though. As for a life - well i have plenty to do including a full time job, part time school, family, house, friends, reletives, responsibilities, volunteer work, and the all important play time.

Actually this is the first time I have ever had anyone tell me I was rude… Hmm.

thank you, you just came off a little harsh. I took this class so i could build my photography website. its not what i want to do in life or my major. would you believe its a beginning class? i’ve never gotten a C before and if i dont do this by tomorrow i will and my acceptance into UC Berkeley will be jepordized, its not a matter of me procrastanating or anything its a matter of the teacher talking to the board and when you ask him a question his standard answer is “you know just like in C++” i was just asking for a jump start kind of thing, i dont expect people to do my homework for me, its just that im so lost i dont know where to begin.

First languages are always a bitch… though PHP is a very good first one (My first language started with 34 people … 8 passed and 1 was the son of the dean of the computer college. He got a B.). If you have no programming experience at all I suggest you withdraw from the class and take the W. If you must program - plan to be up all night (Been there done that in college). Actually I used to be a tutor in college. Congrats for UC - Berkley. It’s a wild place - lots of fun. - I digress

Anyway - I assume you know HTML so check out the codewalker site again and you will find a tutorial for creating very basic templates in the basics section. Again not hard just a bit time consuming. Everything you need to write the program is in the tutorials with good examples.

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