Please help Me

Hello Smart People,

I have a template (.TPL). I can read sever Date with the following code:
php print(Date(‘Ymd’)); ?>

But that only works if i place the code anywhere in the template. I would like to get the template to read the code inside of a form value. i tried the same code below and it’s not working

input type=“text” name=“startdate” value=" php print(Date(‘Ymd’)); ?> ">

I removed the begining <? and < so things can show here

Can someone help please.

how do u access the .TPL file?

P.S.: i removed the other post (one should be enough)

.TPL is showing as .html when i type it in the URL. The file is under a directory called template/pages/file.tpl

but how do u want it to show? in the end the user should not enter the url, directly, should he?

is there some php-code to access the tpl-file?
what else does that php-code do with the template than just showing it?

I’m trying to get it to show as .html. the page is using a .php redirect to translate the .tpl . all i’m trying to do is get the server’s date to show up on a form fied value like this: input type=hidden name=form1 value=20070924

can you help with that?

i dont think the problem is in the .tpl file itself.

i’m afraid, without knowing the php-source i can’t help.

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